The F-o-E_game 😀


Play the Fact-of-Existing_Game to enter the first phase of a longer-term deeper experience.

The Fact-of-Existing

The increase in people's lack of purpose and disconnection from inner-self and from real-life sources of positive core values, creativity, and wellness, is causing particularly, more burnout, addiction, depression, loneliness and social isolation, evident during the pandemic.

Why the F-o-E_game?

By playing the F-o-E_game, you start paying more attention to your inner knowing, you can empower yourself to recognize your boundaries, reconnect with your best self and better manage life’s turns, having fun and being creative at the same time.

Playing the F-o-E_game, you will create sound and movement NFTs that represent the embodiment of Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, and True-Self, core values that will help you discover and make friends with your F-o-E with the creation of each NFT.

You play 8 rounds, going deeper into your inner quest and access the Portals of Regeneration, reach out to others and connect, participate, contribute and get rewards for Regenerative projects for the Earth or for Art.

How does it work?

The App invites you to Take a break. Breathe In! Breathe Out!

You are asked to answer 3 questions by recording a Movement and a Sound. Reaching into yourself. you get to know your inner F-o-E, transform and create your 1rst. F-o-E NFT PORTAL “The Seed of Life”

You play 8 rounds, going deeper into your inner quest, and then access the 2nd F-o-E NFT PORTAL “The Flower of Life” #Play-to-Regenerate.

Entering into this new space you can reach out to others and help other people to discover and make friends with their inner F-o-E, or/and connect with regenerative projects for the Earth or for Art, getting access to events, services, etc.

After having discovered your inner F-o-Es, transformed them into friends, and contributed IRL You have the possibility to enter the

3rd. F-o-E_g PORTAL “The Wisdom of Life” Here you can have your Holistic Avatar informed with your captured real-life movement and sound compositions and interact in a virtual space where you will meet, share, contribute and learn more about inner-informed development and management for a new kind of life.