Reyna J. Perdomo

Specializes in Embodied Design Facilitation. for Co-Design and Systems Thinking Practice.

I facilitate interventions, on the intersection of design processes and systems practice, with inner awareness-based, choreographic and visual thinking co-creation tools.

I have a strong belief in inner intuition, movement, and embodied awareness/interaction, as vital sources of creativity, well-being and systemic change.

I specialize in "Meaningful Embodied Interventions/Accompaniments", which can activate a real shift in yourself, your company/organization, project, studio, school, and community.

Get your body-mind-awareness together, and feel, see what is really emerging! Online and in-person (when possible) consultations, interventions/accompaniments.


Background in Graphic Design, Illustration, Dance and Choreography. Post-Graduate Specialization in Interactive Multimedia Design and Computer Graphics, Academie Minerva, Hogeschool van Groningen, The Netherlands. Working experience throughout Europe and South America. Developed pioneering work and Interactive applications relating dance, design and interactivity, in the new media and on the stage. Awarded invitation to present her pioneering dance-interactive work at the 1rst. International Dance/Technology Festival “Monaco Danses Dances Forum” 2001. Awarded stipend from Fonds PodiumKunsten, The Netherlands, to participate in Residency Labs for "Interactivity as a Choreographic Phenomenon and Telematic Choreographies and the Internet", by Wayne McGregor, Paul Sermon and others, at the “Choreografisches Zentrum”, Essen, Germany.

In 2005-6, she is hired as a Design Project and Competency Coach for students in social design (real life) at the Industrial Design Department, Technology University Eindhoven, The Netherlands, where she developed extracurricular assignments for the application of the language of embodied inner awareness and movement improvisation into the design research process: “It was eye-opening to co-tutors and the students”. - Wina Smeenk, Manager Home Domain, Industrial Design Department Technological University Eindhoven.

Lectured on “Dutch Design” at Jose Maria Vargas University. 2014 Short Paper on “Movement, Design and Education”, IV Congress on Intellectual and Creative Research, Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela.-

Certified GYROKINESIS® Teacher Trainer from the GYROTONIC HQ, Germany, which is a movement training method that combines principles of Yoga, Dance, Ballet, QiGong, acupressure, and swimming. Has dictated workshops, courses and Masterclasses on #Dance #Improvisation Technologies, #Embodied Intelligence, #Design Thinking, #Choreographic Thinking and #GYROKINESIS®.

Dharma Art and Social Presencing Theater Practitioner. Alumnae of "The Systems View of Life" Fritjof Capra Fall 2020 Course. Certified UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Facilitator. Member of Dance-Tech, Platform for Dance and Technology artists. Member of Motion DAO.

Talks about #design, #dance, #embodied intelligence, #systemsthinking, #visualthinking #systemsbeing #designbeing