What problem is this project addressing?

First, is a call to address the problem of people's lack of purpose and disconnection from inner-self and from real-life sources of core value, creativity, and wellness, particularly with an increase in burnout, addiction, depression, loneliness, and social isolation evident during the pandemic and an aging population.

Second, facilitate the understanding of change as a creative process and the value of the inner body-mind interactive creation process, as inherent to the regeneration of life.


With the F-o-E_game 😀


Play the Fact-of-Existing_Game to enter the first phase of a longer-term deeper experience.

Playing the F-o-E_game, you will create sound and movement NFTs that represent the embodiment of Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, and True-Self, core values that will help you discover and make friends with your F-o-E with the creation of each NFT.

You play 8 rounds, going deeper into your inner quest and access the Portals of Regeneration, reach out to others and connect, participate, contribute and get rewards for Regenerative projects for the Earth or for Art.


Get people's attention about their own embodied intelligence and how it can help them know themselves better and empower them to fight their inner demons while having fun at the same time.

Contribute to the development of: "blockchains being at the center of ecosystems that are collaborative and fun, and not just about money".- Vitalik.

Create, make visible, and empower, new meaningful enlightening connections within and without individuals and communities of regenerative and creative nature.

Helping the emergence of a more loving, compassionate and healthy humanity, using technology in a better way for that purpose, in the near future.

Inspired by

The 3 Buddhist Basic Facts of Existence.

The UZAZU steps of Embodied Intelligence Change Process

Research Informed by:


Self-affirmation alters the brain’s response to health messages and subsequent behavior change https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.1500247112

Effects of self-transcendence on neural responses to persuasive messages and health behavior change https://www.pnas.org/doi/full/10.1073/pnas.1805573115

Why on Web3?

Answering a request to:



"From here to there"

A common criticism of the "web3" space as it exists today is how money-oriented everything is. People celebrate the ownership, and outright waste, of large amounts of wealth, and this limits the appeal and the long-term sustainability of the culture that emerges around these items. There are of course important benefits that even financialized NFTs can provide, such as funding artists and charities that would otherwise go unrecognized. However, there are limits to that approach and a lot of underexplored opportunities in trying to go beyond financialization. Making more items in the crypto space "soulbound" can be one path toward an alternative, where NFTs can represent much more of who you are and not just what you can afford. However, there are technical challenges to doing this, and an uneasy "interface" between the desire to limit or prevent transfers and a blockchain ecosystem where so far all of the standards are designed around maximum transferability.

Attaching items to "identity objects" that users are either unable (as with proof-of-humanity profiles) or unwilling (as with ENS names) to trade away seems like the most promising path, but challenges remain in making this easy-to-use, private and secure. We need more effort on thinking through and solving these challenges. If we can, this opens a much wider door to blockchains being at the center of ecosystems that are collaborative and fun, and not just about money".

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