“Design Being”


“Design Being” Is an approach that applies embodied intelligence into Co-Design and Systems Thinking practice.

With this approach, you will experience very clear and effective frameworks, that can build awareness on how to learn to reflect through inner presence, recognizing our body-mind knowing as a rich source for creative problem-solving.

The methodology is based on transformative embodied experiential theories and practices. During the process, you will learn a body-centric design approach that expands strategy and focus from other ideation approaches, and apply it in real-life projects.

The "Fact-of-Existing" project, for the Kernel Adventure during KB5 on: "How to bring an embodied intelligence model in Web3", is building on the framework applied into the Design-Being approach.


All that we create, is creating us at the same time. It is an ongoing never-ending feedback loop process of dynamic forces.

"Dreams are the stuff the future is made of" (Jensen K., 1999)

We dream with our bodies and our brains. "Moving around and sensing and acting with our bodies, brings the input to our brain organ which creates the Neural Maps, that are the currency of our minds, and when they are appreciated by our minds, they become images, and feelings and body states, that are the borders of the appearance of consciousness". ("Self comes to Mind, Constructing the Conscious Mind", A. Damasio.

The body/mind/consciousness system performs a diversity of states, imbued with feelings and emotions, that are meant to regulate and optimize responses, to manage the needs of the source of energy to achieve wellbeing and be self-regenerative, intelligent, and creative.

As we are at this moment dreaming our future as it is very clear that we are entering into a new developmental stage, we are co-designing to generate new ecosystems, organizations, and the stuff of the future, we are required to learn how to recognize the intelligence of the full self capacity, to BE THE DESIGN of the future, Design Being.

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